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women of thunder coverWomen of Thunder

by Jerry Craven

288 pages, 6 x 9 • Paper $22.95
ISBN 978-0-87565-599-4


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In an attempt to regain a youthful innocence, Vietnam Veteran Tom Seal returns to El Tigrito, Venezuela, hoping to find his childhood friend, Rosa Rojas, nearly two decades after Tom’s family returned to the United States. Tom longs to recreate an adventure he and Rosa shared when they were young and to return to the “Eden of their childhood” they had stumbled upon as children.


But the ensuing eighteen years have changed not only the jungle, but the two friends as well. Departing for the jungle in the rainy season, Tom and Rosa try to regain the same joy and happiness they had experienced so many years ago, but instead they are beset by howler monkeys, flesh-eating butterflies, the Jungle People, and perhaps most dangerous of all—the ghosts of their own painful pasts.


JERRY CRAVEN, Director of Lamar University Press and Ink Brush Press, Editor-in-Chief of Amarillo Bay, is on the writing faculty at Lamar University, and is an experienced traveler to exotic places, including Agra, Venezuela, and Delhi, is an award-winning author of fiction, nonfiction, short stories and poetry.