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if in later years coverIf in Later Years

by Ronald E. Moore

96 pages, 6 x 9 • Cloth $19.95
ISBN 978-0-87565-600-5


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If in Later Years is filled with poems of depth and insight that provoke, engage, surprise, and astound.  Reading Ron Moore’s second collection of poetry takes readers on journeys around the world and back through the ages of time.  Each poem is written with great insight, learning, and craft, and each invites multiple readings and reflection.


From a Tibetan monk sitting in silence and contemplating the atom, to a love affair with Buenos Aires, Moore takes his readers on journeys that are both personal and profound.  While each poem has its own voice and beauty, Ron Moore shapes all of them with lyrical and mindful skill. Unafraid to tackle the hard questions of philosophy, aesthetics, consciousness, and art, he uses his poems to delve into themes of desire, loss, love, beauty, and the distant horizons of the mind.

  • If In Later Years is a beautifully moving book. In these poems adoration and transience superbly mix with life’s brevity and a poet’s love for the entire world’s treasures. Moore brings together the many worlds that make up the one we live in—history, literature, knowledge—with tenderness and a diamond-sharp eye for how we are irrevocably marked by not only what we love, but even what passes us by. Bliss cannot be sustained, Ron Moore writes, but here, within If In Later Years, it lives forever.
    —Alex Lemon, author of Mosquito, Hallelujah Blackout, Fancy Beasts, and Happy: A Memoir
  • If In Later Years contains lyric poetry at its best, for each poem offers an experience wrapped in gentle music. Readers wanting free verse will find it; those wanting classical rhythms enhanced with rhyme will, with careful searching, find that also in subtle metrics and in rhyme that is infrequent and quiet. This volume shows us Moore as both a master craftsman and a person of extraordinary insight. I will return often to these poems.          
    —Jerry Craven, author of Becoming Others
  • This is an artistic book, and it succeeds quite notably. It presents the reader with strong themes, and the poetic sense of craft and awareness of tradition are not only competent but carried out with a sharp sense of elegance and imagination.
    —Jim Hoggard, 2000 Texas Poet Laureate
  • If In Later Years surpasses all expectation.  It is wise and learned, and it has great beauty in its sadness.   It is loss and love—the mirror of our existence.  With its knowledge and beauty, it has the ability to reach out and move any audience.  It touches the inner sanctum of the heart.
    —Karla Morton, 2010 Texas Poet Laureate

RONALD E. MOORE earned a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.B.A. in Finance from TCU. His first book of poetry, Alterity, was published in 2006. His work has appeared in descant, the Langdon Review, and the anthology 8 Voices. He was a health care executive for thirty years and now serves on several boards and foundations. A musician and intrepid traveler (104 countries), he is also a human rights advocate (especially Tibetan freedom) and supporter of the arts.