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gringo's guide coverRestaurantes, rumba y más: A Gringo's Guide to Latino Fort Worth

by Peter Szok

96 pages, 4.5 x 6.5 • Paper $9.95
ISBN 978-0-87565-598-7


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Taking us well off the beaten path, Peter Szok guides readers on a cultural journey through Latino Fort Worth that will make your stomach—and heart—hunger for more.

Szok sets the stage for Fort Worth as more than just cowboys and cattle. With mouthwatering descriptions, Szok highlights the best Latino restaurants with foods like barbacoa, birria, and elote.

For the dancers, Szok highlights the best dance spots while offering insight into Latino clothing traditions like the pointy boots (botas picudas) in style throughout dance halls like Escapada 2001 and OK Corral, where they play norteño, banda, cumbia, and other Latino music. And for a taste of Latino history, Szok highlights churches, barber shops, botanicas,and more. With so much to explore, the Gringo’s Guide will make any reader fall in love with Fort Worth.

PETER SZOK is a graduate of Tulane University, where he received a PhD in modern Latin American history and specialized in ethnicity, nationalism, and popular culture. Dr. Szok is an associate professor of history at Texas Christian University, where he teaches classes on Afro-Latin American history, indigenous movements, and Central America.