Cornbread Cook-off



And the finalists are...


  • Linda Whitaker's "Texas Cornbread"
  • Deborah Taylor's "Mama Laverne's Cornbread"
  • Cynthia Wildridge's "Bessie's Best Southern Cornbread"
  • Jean Cook's "Perfect Cornbread"
  • Donna Bartee's "Donna's Cornbread"
  • Valerie Bergstrom's "Grandmother Gardner's Cornbread"
  • Rebecca Henderson-Smotherman's "Ann's Cornbread"
  • Sally Keeling's "Reba's East Texas Cornbread"
  • Donna Thomas's "Jalapeño Cornbread"
  • Aimee Whitaker's "Sour Cream Buttery Cornbread"

A big thank you to all of you who submitted your cornbread recipes, and congratulations to our finalists!


More information about the cook-off will be available soon. Please check back, or like us on Facebook for updates.


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