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descant: The Literary Journal of Fort Worth


For over fifty years, descant, the literary journal of Fort Worth, has been publishing outstanding poetry and fiction, and, over the course of five decades, descant has become one of the oldest continuously published small literary journals, featuring some of the country’s best writers.


descant seeks high-quality work in either innovative or traditional forms. Fiction is usually 5,000 words or fewer, poems sixty lines or fewer, though its editors occasionally accept submissions exceeding these lengths. descant specifies no particular subject matter or style. Please submit only one story and no more than five poems at one time. A self-addressed stamped envelope must be included to guarantee reply, return, or acknowledgment of submissions. Writers must confirm that work accepted by descant has not been previously published and that they will credit descant as the original publisher whenever and wherever else the work may be placed.

Manuscripts are considered from September 1 through April 1.

$20 ($25 outside the United States)

descant is published once a year, each summer, by the AddRan College of Liberal Arts, the TCU English Department, and TCU Press.


Subscriptions may be made online or by sending a check to:

TCU Box 298300
Fort Worth, TX 76129